Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sound Financial Planning

How some people spend their monthly income:


The problem with this approach is that usually, not much is left of the fund for savings. 

So, most financial planners advise this budgeting practice:


With this budgeting approach, you are forced to allocate a portion of your savings and will just have to make do with whatever is left for your habitual expenses.

But wait. There's a better way...

Let's add a spiritual approach to this financial planning practice:

less 10% Tithe
less 10% Savings

Some would say this recommended method is too much as nothing will be left anymore for the budgetary expenses. 

But this is part of the discipline and in the process, you get to practice your faith. After all, doesn't God own everything? (Psalm 24:1) 

So what is giving back a portion to the Lord? As God has promised, to test Him in this and if you keep the faith, He will bless you abundantly if you tithe regularly. (Malachi 3:10). And since tithing is biblical, it is your way of honoring the Lord and remembering Him that He is the one who gives you the ability to produce wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18).


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